An obvious suggestion would


An obvious suggestion would be to take her out every hour instead of two hours.. I have an 8 week old right now and a fully carpeted apartment so I’m dealing with the same thing. Do you crate train her when you are not home? This helps in potty training also, the second the dog comes out of the crate its right outside. Another thing is walking the dog to the door(I’m not sure if you have ever carried her outside to avoid accidents but shes also older than my pup so you probably can’t carry her but making sure she knows that walking out of the door gets her outside and how to get to the door helps a lot. I have my back door right next to my couch so its not hard to miss when my little girl heads over there. Honestly I think the best way is to crate train her and take her out every hour and plan accordingly to when she drinks/eats because in some cases she may need to go more than usual. Also praising every time she goes potty outside encourages the good behavior. Hope this helps and good luck!