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Amen Trinity4infinity! 

The NFL and the NBA are notorious for having felons on their teams.  There was a story on the Michael Smerconish AM radio show that was discussing the Vick issue.  Smerconish brought up some incredibly startling statistics about the percentages of NBA and NFL players that were CONVICTED felons (many repeat felons) who were allowed to play again and make millions of dollars.  I cannot remember the exact percentages, but it was close to 30% of all NFL players and 45% of all NBA players are convicted felons.  Again, many of them being habitual felons.

What this tells us and our kids is that it is ok to go out and commit crimes, because if you can play sports, you will still make millions and everyone will support you.  A crime doesn’t matter to the NFL and NBA.  It is sick how obsessed the US is with sports and the a**holes who play.  I don’t care if you are “a talented” player or not.  You commited a heinous crime and you should be banned from the sport.  If you are a felon, you should be banned from playing again, and I don’t give one crap about what that crime was.  You are a felon, end of discussion.  You don’t deserve millions and millions to play games, pat each other on the butt, and grab yourself even if you aren’t a felon.

I loathe the NFL and NBA.  Nothing but a disgrace.