Amber: My baby boy hates


Amber: My baby boy hates water so that could work, we ended up getting the gentle leader so even if bobo didn’t like it one of my dogs at work could be walked with it. The size I got fit but was the tightest it could go so I believe if I got one size up it could be more comfortable and there would be more room in case he fills out a bit more seeing he’s not even two yet. Also because it was too small he didn’t like it at all bu I’m going to use it on my small pit and get him a larger one, even with it on the lead was very lose and I could tell it could work with him but we will try a spray bottle for his fixations Thanks!

Bloo: We already have/use a prong collar, we have since about July, I’m a professional dog walker so I know how to use them, the pulling stops but as far as his fixations go, the prong collar isn’t enough to snap him out of it and I don’t want to drag and hurt him which is what I’m left doing sometimes. As for the gentle leader, I don’t believe it is for every pit , my boy could probably benefit from it if I get the right size.

What I might do with him is we are getting him a new leather collar for Christmas ,I might start all over again with the new collar and the second he pulls I’ll go the opposite way and praising and just working on it. Its the more time consuming way of training him but the new collar will be a blank slate for him so it will probably more effective in the long run.Thanks

Thanks you guys!