ahhh sounds familiar!! same


ahhh sounds familiar!! same thing happens to me. my parents are constantly warning me about my dog. i have four kids and the youngest is 3. i mean if i had the chance to adopt another dog.. it would be a pit bull again… as a matter of fact i just adopted another pit.
i have never seen sweeter dogs than these!!
i strongly believe it is not the breed, it is the owner and if you are responsible, this breed is like no other with small kids. my kids do with my dogs whatever they wish!! incredible, they ride him as a horse, chase them, throw them on the floor… you name it, they’ve done it!! i’m always around because even if they are good dogs, they are still animals, but believe me when i say they are the best.

something else, get yourself some web pages (including this one) and every time someone talks to you bad about pits, just email them the page. I’m sure your mom is afraid because she hears many things, just like mine, but share with her more information about these dogs and i’m sure she’ll understand there is a reason why they are called NANNY DOGS!!