Agreed.I groom at a facility


Agreed.I groom at a facility that does boarding,and daycare,and they don’t take any dogs over 30 lbs.Including me, everyone but the owner of the place has a pit. She recently took in a pit mix that is 7 months old,and her name is Lilly-just like mine! When she was accepted into the facility, the owner came to find me, so she could introduce me to the dog.She likes this dog alot,as she is funny,and clever(I was out in the yard with her 2 days ago,and she learned after 3 days of watching ppl un latch the gate,how to paw it,and if she’s on the inside,she can unlockit!Where she was in the yard,she couldn’t unlock it,so she tried to vault over the 6.5 ft. gate,and would have made it if I didn’t take her in immediately. Of course,no one knew she could do this,but now they do!)Well,as I’m talking with her about pits in general,she tells me that all she has ever heard is negativity(of course),and that among other things, she’d never leave one alone with a small child.So,I told her that I wouldn’t leave a GOLDFISH alone with a small child,and she started asking me about my dog, and how she gets along with my cats,(well, not just mine,all cats)and what I know about the breed,etc.The next time I worked there,I went outside with her and the 30 plus yappy ankle biters,and the pit(that in addition to having the same name as my dog,also shares the paralyzing fear of all small dogs).I told her that I am going to an event on October 22 in Tampa. I also told her what the events were for, and asked her if she would like to come with me. She was surprised to say the least,and very flattered that I would ask her to go with me to an event for pitbull awarness day. I haven’t gotten a positive “yes” from her yet,but even if she doesn’t go,I told her that I will get some material for her to read, and see what challenges face all pitbull owners,and what the drawbacks and rewards are with the breed.She was so happy that I would even offer to help her learn more about the breed.I just keep trying to put the good word out there.I demand a lot from my dog,I want her to be a positive representitive for her breed.She’s got to be polite on her leash, can’t jump on ppl, and isn’t allowed to go after anything(not that she would,she’d be frozen in terror),and if a dog comes up to her,she isn’t allowed to act a fool,but I will keep her from being hurt(I carry pepper spray,and a walking stick). A lot of ppl are blown away when they’re seeing a 55 pound rock solid pitbull not only sit,but also look at me until I tell her she can get up.Of course,once they see this,their dog is in big trouble!