A male can smell a bitch in


A male can smell a bitch in heat up to 3 miles away. You better keep him secure!.They are masters of escaping. My neighbor 2 doors down had a 6 foot cage with a board, and tires on top of the cage and locks down the opening and that guy still figured out a way to escape. He then dug under 2 fences and ripped out my bedroom screen to get into my house. I can’t tell you how many times my husband took “dennis the menace” home and by the time he returned the dog was already back at my house. If you are fearful of him not having his diddley’s you can get fake ones put in. They are very popular in Cali. It’s safer for you and him to be neutered. If cost is an issue contact your local SNAP or google low spay/neuter organizations in your area. Compare prices they vary. Also you can check out http://www.pbrc.net and they have grants offering low cost/free spay n neutering. You just need to apply.