BabyGirl on her favorite couch, in her fav. pose

This is my pit mix BabyGirl sleepin next to my cousin Seth. This is how she always sits! She thinks she's one of us. This is her typical pose while sleeping, watching t/v and just chilling. She loves to watch t/v too. We rescued her about a year ago. She was very neglected and malnurished. They kept her out in the snow on a short chain that wouldn't reach her dog house, and they didn't care to fix it so she could. We met this guy who had her but his landlord wouldn't let him have dogs so he gave it to his dad to take care of her...he didn't take care of her....He would feed his dogs and would walk right past her like she wasn't there. I'm glad we have her, she's thickened up, she isn't shy at all ne more, she has the best temperment. She is a great dog, you would love her too if u met her!

Pit Bull Favorite Furniture: BabyGirl on her favorite couch, in her fav. pose

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