Riley Wiers

Pit Bull Favorite Furniture: Riley Wiers

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Riley is an energetic dog, he is a bundle of joy. i was afraid to get a pitt at first but this is the best dog i ever had, i had great danes and Golden retriever before. Riley likes to cuddle on the couch, on his bed, or in our bed when morning comes. HE loves the cat but the cat does not... so he tries so hard to have her like him. He will bring her his toys and food ! the other day we were walking on the beach and we saw a dead fish, Riley grabbed it, i was all discussed at forst but believe it or not, he went in the ocean and left it right there, like he knew that was where the fish belonged. Riley is only 10 motnhs old, he still chews on the kitchen floor and rip my socks appart but he is such a good loyal dog... can;t wait to see his personnality when he is 3 years old.

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