King and Makayla in their spot taking a snooze

This is my rescued deaf boy, King. He is 1 years old (we guess). I rescued him about 3 weeks ago from an abusive owner who had starved him.. He is still about 20lbs underweight. we are trying to communicate through sign language but this boy is stubborn.. and stands his ground lol. He is cuddling up with m 8 month old daughter Makayla on my couch (which they have taken over) and are about to take a nap :)


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Very handsome doggy, your daughter is adorable too of course =)

aw thanks :) they are best friends. they really do love eachother.. no matter where my daughter is at.. he is with her.. One night i heard my oldest daughter scream and i ran upstaris and he had jumped into the crib.. I almost had a heart attack about that one!

Awesome! We saved our baby too!! Voted =)

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