Snausage in a Blanket

This is my awesome dog Justice Ann Liberty in her favorite spot - mom's bed. While other dogs lounge in various forms of doggie beds ... my dog sleeps on a $3,500 Tempur-pedic! And believe me it's HER bed.

She is 2.5 years old and has passed our city's K9 good citizen test that all Pits must pass now in order not to wear a muzzle.

She's a great dog and after owning her I will never own another breed but a Pit.

My favorite saying: "The only thing bigger than their heads is their hearts".

Pitty in a Blanket

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Justice is the best 4 legged, workin' on the deck buddy a handyman could have! She's every bit as cute as this picture, even when her feet are sticky with stain.

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