Smooch is a handicapped dwarf pitbull. When we got her at 6 wks she was a normal playfull puppy.At about 4 months she stopped growing,so she weighs in at 26 pounds.We soon found out that she was born with congetital birth defects such as double elbow displasia and pluxated patellas along with arthritis and a few otherthings just to name a few. We fixed her elbows so they're nice and strong,but she's not a great walker so she crawls around. We call it the wheel barrel.(Soon she will have puppy wheelchair) She's full of spunk and steam and she never stops playing!! If we listened to the vet,she wouldn't be here. We love wakeing up to her loud snores and her Smooch facials!!! We Love her sooo much and we can't picture our life without her!!! XoXo

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