Smooch is a handicapped dwarf pitbull. When we got her at 6 wks she was a normal playfull puppy.At about 4 months she stopped growing,so she weighs in at 26 pounds.We soon found out that she was born with congetital birth defects such as double elbow displasia and pluxated patellas along with arthritis and a few otherthings just to name a few. We fixed her elbows so they're nice and strong,but she's not a great walker so she crawls around. We call it the wheel barrel.(Soon she will have puppy wheelchair) She's full of spunk and steam and she never stops playing!! If we listened to the vet,she wouldn't be here. We love wakeing up to her loud snores and her Smooch facials!!! We Love her sooo much and we can't picture our life without her!!! XoXo

Pit Bull Pit Bull Puppies: Smooch

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My Baby is strangly small also. All of her siblings are around 70lb and she's only 35lb but really stout. I wonder if that makes her a dwarf also?

Really! Maybe she is. I love that she stayed little. It's like have a puppy pit for life. But if your pup was a dwarf you would know about it. Dwarfs have deformaties(i think i spelled that wrong) that you dont know about untill they get between 4-6 months old.It happens when stupid eople bread brother and sister or one female has tomany litters. Some female pits can be only 40 lds. so your pup is in that range. she's really cute and it seems like she loves the camera.

Well her mother was bread too early but she doesn't really have any problems, so I guess she's "normal". Your Smooch is sooo cute though, I bet she wins. Thats really awesome that you stuck with her and let her live a healthy life. I'd love to see more pictures of her.

OMG what is not to love ! How sweet

oooh! It's nap time Smooch!!

ok so so far smooch beat us so good luck to her!!!

look at that perfectly round head she is so CUTE!!!!!!

ADORABLE, she is perfect in my eyes =)

I love my niece!!!! and my babys bestest friend!!!

Smooch is a little grand daughter for us, she is full of love

My neice smooch is the best dog in the world i havent seen her in a while now but she is a Awesome dog with a big heart. Uncle Danny misses you Smooch !!! See you soon.

It is so great to hear that she is doing better and I think she is the cutiest puppy ever! A special baby.

I have an orthopedically impaired pug that is a blessing too. Smooch is precious. <3 Best wishes to you all.

How touching!! I cried reading this story. Y'all are amazing and she sure is cute.....

She is too cute. Dog's are amazing animals. They have no self pity, just a genuine love of life. You are doing some real good in a world that can be indifferent at times. Your story is proof that compassion changes lives. thnx