Pepper at 10 weeks, the day she came home

This was Pepper on the day she came home at 10 weeks. The rescue told us she was a lab/boxer mix. We are pretty sure she is a pitbull/rottweilier mix. She was all teeth, like a little shark until just before her first birthday. She was about 15 pounds that day, now she is almost 100!

Pit Bull puppy

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I think sometimes they just but the lab on there to give them a better chance of adoption. My son has a boxer/amstaf.....i really don't think there is anything but amstaf!

What animal shelter did you get her from? I got a puppy from a animal shelter and they said he was a lab/boxer too but I think he is pit/unkown. I got my puppy from the Sherman Animal Shelter. Sherman, Texas.

If she is that heavy, she may also have Mastiff in her!  Regardless, what a cutie patootie!