Pit Bull Pit Bull Puppies: bullett

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lol...He is just so cute...I love when their ears flop down infront like that...mine used to until our little dog would chew softly on them to go to sleep...well now the hang like dead to the side lol..

lol, my hubby is trying to talk me into cutting our Gotti's ears...I do not want to, he looks so sweet and hugable...as it is cut or not cut they get discriminated I rather leave him looking sweet(well at least to me..lol) I have three pits...I rescue them :) Love the breed.

i love clipped ears! Layla is 3, too old to clip her ears but i would love it if they were. i love the muscular clipped look, its beautiful to me but that is just my opinion. although you know where their ears fold over? i love to put my forfingers there on both sides of laylas head and rub her good with the flop over my fingers! its just sweet to me! lol i know imma dork! =)

lol yeah my step dad wont let my mom cut theirs either because it mkes them look "mean" lol i like when they have big floppy ears bulletts are little lol!!! i doubt ill get them done tho!!! i love the breed too!!! my absolute fave.!!!

lol thank u!! he was enjoying his little picture session ;)

thank u!!! he actually let me do a little "session"with him after a hard play day lol!!! guess i need to let him run himself down before i take pics ;)

yaaaaaay im so excited we won!!!! he is too lol!! seroiusly!

aww super cute! dont cut his ears... it gives them so much character. i never had my girls cut and thats usually the first thing everyone comments on- "oh i love her ears!"

He has got to be one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen! My pit has the flop forward ears too. He always looks so goofy though.

thank u!!! yessss they do look goofy they drive me crazy lol!!! i still love him tho no matter how goofy his ears are hahahaha :)!!!!

Congrads on your precious pup... he has a lot of love in those eyes.

That is a great pic. I love the ears and think you should keep them. My little one has his and I think it adds so much to his character.

yes he does he loves us as much as we love him!!! he loves ne thing and anyone lol!!! im keeping the ears!

toooo cute for words! what a gorgeous dog!!!! ohhh I just wann kiss him! thanks so much for sharing :) Blessings to you Bullet!!!

thank yall so much guys!!!! yall are to nice lol!!! and no problem on sharing there will be much mor pics of him!!!

Your pup is so adorable! I, like everyone else it seems, am just taken by his ears. And his eyes--they just make me smile! :)

hey ur puppy is extreamly cute! i myself absolutely LOVE this breed. i was wondering if i could use this pic and a few comments. im a senior in high school and for my senior project im trying to persuade people not to ban them! i want to show people how misundersttod the breed is... Thxfor your time

FOR SURE!!!!!! I dont mind at all!!!! this i when he was around 3 months old or so he is now 6 months old and alot bigger lol!!!! U can use if tho i dont mind especially since ur using it to help the breed!!!!!!!! anything to help ppl understand them better!

yeah well hes 7 months and not near as small now lol

ha!!! if u want him jst from seeing this pic u should soooo see him now :) hes 10 months old and way bigger lol!!! but sorry hes a keeper and my spoiled man lmbo ;)

ha!!! if u want him jst from seeing this pic u should soooo see him now :) hes 10 months old and way bigger lol!!! but sorry hes a keeper and my spoiled man lmbo ;)

that's a cute one. I have a female that has almost the same markings. L.O.L

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