Little Miss Tink Tink

Tink is from my litter, and was the first born. When she was born, we thought the Mom had laid on her wrong or something, because her little foot looked broke. At 4 days old, we took her to the vet, and they said that it looked like her bone was going to be missing between her paw and arm (like our wrist). They said they wouldn't be able to tell until she was a little older, since it was pretty much just cartlage at this point. So 3-4 wks go by and we take her again, and they confirmed that the bone was missing. We didnt plan on keeping a puppy from the litter, at this point we had no choice (which was fine with me). They said the only thing that they could do is to splint it every 10 days, and stretch it out, and then at a year old, put screws in. So thousands of dollars later, we are not sure that this procedure is going to work. I personally think they should just amputate it.She hops around on 3 legs anyways. She is a little fighter though, and I just love this dog to death. Please vote for "Tink", which is short for Tinkerbelle (my 2yr old neice named her)!!! Thank You!!!

Pit Bull Pit Bull Puppies: Little Miss Tink Tink

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That poor baby! What a blessing to have you to take care of her .. she's special!! I hope you win!!!

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