King and Makayla cuddling <3

Pit Bull Children and Babies: King and Makayla cuddling &lt;3

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so much for the killer pibble crap
whoever thought that one up
needs a real b*tch slap
the pibble is really man's
best friend
from the first day he/she
enters your life
until the very end

these 2 are truely best friends.. he really loves her and Im start to see hwo she loves him.. she has started crawling to whereever he is at.. he was sleeping under the table and she rolled her self over there and laid with him <3

When I saw this picture, absolutely convinced that pits can be some of the most loving toward the younger generations! ESPECIALLY toddlers!! Just wishing I could have someone convince my fam of that! By the way--your pup is beautiful!