Pit Bull Favorite Toy: Ladybug

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Hello, my name is Nicole Miller and Ladybug was my dog for a year! I am so glad that you adopted her! I have been wondering if she was ok! She was my first dog that I have had as an adult, and I couldnt take her with me, when my husband and I split. I can tell that she is very comfortable with you because she is knocked out sleep on your couch!LOL
I hope that she is feeling your heart with as much love as she did mine! As I mentioned before I am so glad that you adopted her! She derserves a good home because she is so sweet and very loyal! Is she still energetic? I know I had been trying to train her to walk without being on a leash! She loves attention from other people, and I dont know how long you have had her, but she will jump on people to play and that may make a lot of people uncomfortable because she is so big, sorry about that! :-) She can be very picky when it comes to foods, so you may have to switch her brands every now and again. She can also be very prissy, and I did not want her outside too much! I got her when she was a puppy and then when she did get a little bigger she went into heat and Ill be honest I was very overprotective so she never used the bathroom outside. She used puppy pads unless she was being walked or playing. I never got her sprayed because I could not bare the thought of her going into surgery! Im sorry if that has been a problem for you. She is very clean so she will clean up after herself and then you can just mop. She also really doesnt move around too much around that time anyway. You can buy her kung toys if you want, but she had some and I still dont know where she put them. She really like soft chew toys! She will follow you all over the house so be sure to look around and down! IF you love her, she will definetely return it to you! IF you dont mind, can you just call me from time to time,(773)844-9195 just to let me know how is she doing and if you have anymore questions about her health records etc. she has had some training and I know that she has more, because she never finshed her classes at petsmart. So you can call me and I will fax any information that I have for her! Once again THANK YOU!!!! I am so happy to see that she is happy because I really hated to let her go, she was my little Ladybug! You can also email me at