Eli with his favorite toy-Kong ball

We adopted Eli about 3 years ago when my dog Princess, lab mix, died unexpectedly when her spleen ruptured. We just couldn't resist Eli when we saw him at our vet, and he healed my broken heart. Eli is a pit bull/english bird dog mix. We have another pitbull mix, Shep, that we have had for about 6 years and he has been an amazing dog. So it was a no brainer to adopt another pitbull mix. Eli is such a free spirit, loveable, cuddly, smart, clumsy, and all around a great dog (which by the way still thinks he is a lap dog :).). Eli takes his Kong ball and runs laps around our house growling and bucking like a bronco. LOL! When my husband gets home from work, Eli picks up his toy and walks up to my husband and butts him in the leg with the ball. He will just keep at it till my husband throws it, so Eli can go get it.

In July '08 I had a miscarriage,and Eli was by my side during the whole process. Now I am expecting again in July, and Eli has been by my side every since I became pregnant. He lays by me with his head by my belly. When Eil lays there my little girl starting kicking like crazy :), then Eli will put his nose against my belly and they will poke each other back and forth. I love those moments. I can't wait to see them together when she is born. They will be best friends.

Pit Bull Favorite Toy: Eli with his favorite toy-Kong ball

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