Kara and her favorite toy- the swimming hole!

This is Kara in her favorite place with her favorite toy! She LOVES swimming and is a nut for tennis balls!

Pit Bull Favorite Toy: Kara and her favorite toy- the swimming hole!

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Had your dog always liked the water? We've been trying to grab opportunities to get our dog into water--maybe we can start with a wading pool?

Whattttttt, I have never seen a pit loving water like that. Usually they hateeeeeeee it...

But if I can advice you, I had the similar problem with my dog (he used to hate water..)

But I knew that the last thing to do was to force him...so since we live in Dominica(the country of water), we took him many times at the river. At first he would not follow us, but then with time and some treats, he would come forward, but never too close.. And then we would throw the ball into the water and he would slowly walk on it and then with patience and tim he would swim...

You have to be very patient and never show any sign of angriness or frustration because he will feel it, and the experience will be negative for both of you...And don't forget to always reward him when he makes a positive step

Just start by giving him some baths with warm water, and go in the shower with him...thats what I did first, and it worked pretty well for jazz.


Hope that it will help