Saved Pit Mix Now A Champion Dock Jumper

Submitted by Emily Bullard on Mon, 11/29/2010 - 12:36

Abandoned and distressed, a little pit mix was found a mere three years ago and picked up by San Jose Animal Control.

Fast forward to this year; Aries is a two time champion dock jumper owned by a single mom. The dock-jumping sport is quickly growing and becoming seemingly popular throughout the world. Dock jumping is astounding with many winning dogs leaping off the dock and landing 25 feet away in the cold water. 25 is he usual amongst the Elite (about the highest level) dogs but Aries has blown many, as he impressively leaps a 30 foot distance. It is no surprise this little shy mix is a two time champion.

Aries has fought the typical pit bull discrimination to beat out the notorious retrievers, famous for being the champs in this sport. Aries proves being a pit is as good or better than other breeds, and with a heart like his and a love for his "wubba" toy, it is hard not to root for the Pit Bulls.

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