Pitbulls rescued; man charged with animal cruelty

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Published by The Brownsville Herald
On October 27, 2010
Summarized by Ramona Kwong

Brownsville Police and animal control officers rescued five pit bull puppies Monday from 27-year –old, Ruben Salazar’s home. Salazar was initially charged with five counts of cruelty to animals and one count of tampering with physical evidences. However, in court, the judge upgraded one of the animal cruelty charges to state jail felony animal cruelty and dismissed the tampering with evidence charge and bail was set at $22,000.

The arrest was made after receiving calls reporting several malnourished dogs. Officers found the puppies in the back of the home. Two were in a dog pen without food; two other pups were in another area of the home without food or water. The fifth dog was in a trash can where the owner claims he thought the dog was dead.

The dogs will remain at the shelter until the courts determine their fate, whether they go back to the owner or stay at the shelter where they can find a possible home.

Comments on this article, posted on the herald’s website, are broad in favor of rewarding Salazar for his deeds and those who defend the breed and are against animal cruelty. One poster suggests that pit bulls are not the best pets. What are your thoughts?

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Ugh... I hate hearing about people doing this to animals. I hope he gets punished to the full extent! If you can't take care of an animal... or 5 of them... then get rid of them!

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