Paralyzed Pit Bull Mix Motivates Children With Disabilities

Submitted by Emily Bullard on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 16:34

Piggy, a pit bull mix, was adopted by Salt Lake City attorney April Hollingsworth, when she grinned at her owner-to-be from her shelter kennel . Having never witnessed a pit bull before (known for their great grins), April was instantly charmed and brought that dog home that day. Tragedy hit three years later when Piggy was struck by a car and the vet declared Piggy "paralyzed." Where most people would have made the decision to put Piggy down, April stepped up to the plate and strove to give her dog a fighting chance and the best care possible for her situation. A cart was bought for Piggy to replace how her hind legs would support otherwise support her torso.

Now a days, Piggy visits children in the Shriner Hospital who are also dealing with similar disabilities - paralysis and mobility problems. According to Andrea Mathers, a Shriners employee, "they instantly attach to the dog and can empathize with her situation." Piggy's favorite place is visiting the kids and making them feel loved and happy. This sweet and selfless paraplegic pit bull is changing children's lives for the better and living an inspiring one of her own.

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