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Hayward Heroic Pit Bull, Reunites With Family

On October 24, at 1:30 a.m., Darryl Steeen awoke to his pit bull, Diamond, barking. According to Darryl, “She almost never barks, so I knew something was wrong.”

On October 24, at 1:30 a.m., Darryl Steeen awoke to his pit bull, Diamond, barking. According to Darryl, “She almost never barks, so I knew something was wrong.”

Diamond’s barks alerted the family of the fire, now raging through their apartment’s living room. Amiss the chaos, they rushed to get out of the burning building. Steen tossed his youngest daughter out the window to safety but his older teen daughter suffered burns and smoke inhalation and was in hospital for nearly a month. Steen suffered injuries as well, nearly 30% of his body was burned, causing him to also spend weeks in the hospital.

What about Diamond? According to Steen, he didn’t ask about Diamond after the fire because, “I didn’t think she had got out, and I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to know.” It turns out, the Hayward animal services took Diamond to Bay Area Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Hospital where she was cared for initially and treated for just smoke inhalation. Later, when transferred to Eden Pet Hospital, it was there they discovered she was not stable and had more burns than realized. The selfless and compassionate staff jumped to sweet Diamond’s rescue, caring for her even on their days (and nights) off and without pay. When healthy enough, Diamond remained in vet’s office during the day and would home home with a vet technician at night. Caitlin Hatch, a fellow compassionate animal owner said, “When I would come to visit my cat who was also hospitalized, I would often see Diamond making her rounds around the hospital to get kisses and hugs from the staff. Diamond had those women wrapped around her finger, as it should be. Eden Pet hospital is a great place where pets get medical care as well as loving care. They do alot of good work for the community. The Dr’s there Dr.Dabaco and Dr. Hollenback run free feral cat spay and neuter clinics, as well as look after the animals at the hayward animal shelter.” In fact, Diamond is alive and well because this special place as they made her family and kept her alive and loved. Because of Eden Pet Hospital and the wonderful staff members, we have this awe-inspiring story to tell.

It was while in the hospital, Steen learned of Diamond’s survival and that she was going to be okay. About a month after the fire, Steen was finally reunited with his pit bull hero, who was responsible for saving his life and his daughters’ lives. Unfortunately, Diamond’s vet care did not end up affordable for Steen. Steen has nearly $5,500 to pay off in vet bills in addition to trying to find a new place to live and start their lives over again. Steen mentioned he didn’t know what would happen but Diamond will continue to be a part of the family no matter what. “I’m hoping we will all be together for Christmas,” Steen added.

“I owe her everything,” said Steen, as he played with Diamond, the gray and white 1-year-old canine at the Eden Pet Hospital. “She’s a heck of a dog — a heck of a dog.” Even Steen’s daughter said they would be a family again as soon as they had Diamond back.

Jennie Comstock, the city of Hayward’s animal services manager, said anyone wanting to help pay Diamond’s medical bill, may send a donation to the Hayward Animal Shelter at 16 Barnes Court, Hayward, CA 94544. She asks that donations be sent in Diamond’s name, and said they are tax deductible. Comstock even stated, that Diamond was loving and sweet. She also added, “Diamond is a hero and anything anybody could do would be appreciated.”

An account for donations to the Steen family also has been set up through Bank of America, account number 0892576522. Donations may be made at any Bank of America branch.

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4 thoughts on “Hayward Heroic Pit Bull, Reunites With Family”

  1. Wonderful breed. Will lay
    Wonderful breed. Will lay down their life for their family. I hope they all get together soon.

  2. PITBULLS, are absolutely the
    PITBULLS, are absolutely the best dogs ever i have had the pleasure of raising 2, one was 15 when she passed away. Now we have a little 5 month old male and he is incredibly smart and loves the kids, best breed ever:) 🙂

  3. Oh my god! What a beautiful
    Oh my god! What a beautiful ending to a horrific story! That is one amazing dog, she deserves a big hamburger, and lots of hugs and kisses! Just goes to show what wonderful, loving, loyal dogs these are. Lillie was thrown away at 3 months, when I found and adopted her. She is the first dog I’ve ever owned, and I will only ever have pits. She is great. Good job Diamond! God bless her and her family!

  4. This is a very heart
    This is a very heart wrenching story. Diamond is the sweetest dog ever, I know her personally. However I think the unsung hero of her Care are the great people at Eden Pet Hospital in Castro Valley. They have cared for Diamond for many weeks seven days a week. Some of the staff have even brought Diamond to stay with them at there homes. They felt that such an amazing dog needed more love then she could get staying at the hospital. ” She needed to come home to sleep on a couch and in a real bed” One of the techs told me. They have shown Diamond Love and Care Above and beyond what was required.