Durable Toy for the Destructive Dog

Submitted by Emily Bullard on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 12:07

A countless amount of pit bull owners, and other dog breeds as well, face a similar dilemma; where to find the perfect, well-like indestructible toy for your annihilative canine? Some tricky pups manage to even ruin their "can't-be-destroyed" Kong toys.

Zogoflex dog toys has come up again and again as the best and most durable toy for the bigger dogs. The toys are made of a unique, sturdy material that is both float-able and malleable. In addition, the ever-awesome toy is also created so that it can be recycled and made using minimal waste during manufacturing process. Zogoflex claims their toys are, "Non-toxic and FDA compliant, our Zogoflex® material is made in the USA to create dog toys that are both fun and durable, such as Hurley®, Huck, Zisc®, Tux®,and our newest toy Būmi® - all are guaranteed against dog damage - yep, it's that tough!"

The company has made sure there are absolutely no harmful chemicals or materials in the toy whatsoever and yet it is still dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Due to the company's "guarantee" you can actually return the toy for a new one should your clever canine destroy his or hers. All you have to do is let Zogoflex know if you want a replacement or refund and then return the toy where the company will then recycle it and send you your money back or a new toy.

As winter nears and dogs have to stay indoors more where it is dry and warm, they become more bored and sometimes even destructive. It is the perfect time to stock up on some sturdy, safe toys for your best friend.

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