Help please

The town I live in is trying to enact a ban on pitbulls.  I own 2 and to have to get rid of my dogs would be like having to give up one of my children.  It has already passed the 1st reading in the city counsil and the 2nd and final is scheduled for Oct 22nd, 2012.  I plan to be there but I need some help here.  Any suggestions?????

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  1. That is so wrong. I could

    That is so wrong. I could never give up my pit bull!!!! Why do people think they are so bad it is the owner not the dog!!!! I had a pitbull when I was a teenager untill my early 20’s he was the most loving dog I had ever had no I have Jack and he is my world So loving and well behaved and smart. People are si ignorant!! I am sorry.

  2. Hi i have a Pitbull service

    Hi i have a Pitbull service dog and my apartment complex is trying to kick me out because they have a breed ban list. We went to mediation today and they wanted to end mediation practically before it got started. I have a paper trail of all the illegal things they have done including trying to kick me out, asking my Dr to meet with their lawyer, asking my Dr if i specifically needed a Pitbull for my disability. Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and HUD are investigating but i am coming to my pitbull community for help. I need a lawyer to help me fight this. If anyone can help in anyway or point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. This company needs to know its not ok to bully a disabled person or generalized a whole breed of dogs. My SD has a wonderful temperament and a veterinarian has confirmed that.