New mom!

Hi!  I am a new mom to a 7 week old blue nose pit!   What a joy!  She is so smart and funny!  The best part, she has pretty much potty trained herself!  I can’t wait to watch her grow up. She has integrated herself in with my older dogs and they just play and play and play – all supervised of course. She already knows certain words – ouch/ cease nibbles on my fingers; sit; come; and leave it.  I praise her for everything she does and her tail just nonstop wags.  How fun!  I have a few more rounds of shots before I can show her off and I can’t wait!

1 thought on “New mom!”

  1. It’s so fun having a puppy.

    It’s so fun having a puppy.

    I watched and trained a 6month Blue nose Pit for a friend. I honestly wanted to keep her. Plus my Pit enjoyed having her. Once she was gone he was very lonely for a while.