i need help

ok my names mike im 21  and a memeber of the bls and a pitbulls rights member im marreid and have a 6 week old sone and im staying with my mom well stuff got tence with me and my mom cuz she hates my 2 pits rain and deablo  and she is telling me to get out cuz i refuse to give thim up i do have a job and take care of them all by my self there vary loveing and hyper and wants to play all the time they are 5 mounths old and now she is saying if i dont get out she will kill my beloved babys so i was wundering if anyone one hase a room to rent or home they will rent out to me and my family and deeply loved babys rain and deablo plz plz email me with any sugeshions asap @ [email protected] thanks

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  1. Seriously, if you were

    Seriously, if you were educated, I might think about helping you. I mean, “mounths” “wundering” and “sugeshions?” REALLY? Did the dogs write this?