Potty Training

Maximus is almost 8 weeks now and we’re trying to potty train him.  He has potty pads to use at night when we sleep but I’m pretty sure he just thinks that means he can go in the house, and now he has decided that he should pee on our bed whenever he thinks we’re not looking.  then he runs away and hides till he decides that he’s not in trouble anymore.  Any suggestions on how to stop this?

2 thoughts on “Potty Training”

  1. I suggest crate/cage train

    I suggest crate/cage train him so at night or when your not home or whenever your unable to keep an eye on him, he is in his own domain. Line the crate/cage with newspaper for some reason dogs seem to respond better to the newspaper then the potty pads. I know I was against the whole crate/cage training too but since I started it with my puppy he only pees on the newspaper if i dont take him out in time. Also if you see your dog going to the bathroom anywhere he isn’t supposed you should stop him as he’s doing it and say “NO!” then put him on the paper. When he uses the paper you should praise him; You dont have to give him a treat but just say good boy/girl and pet him will go a long.

  2. How far did you come with
    How far did you come with this? And I need all your potty training suggestions. lol… My pups are 7 weeks, pee on puppy pads sometimes, and do not poop on them ;(