Introduce Yourself

Hey everyone, this is a discussion so we can introduce ourselves.  Tell us a little about you and your Pit(s)!


My name is Michelle, and I recently took on the responsibility for a (then) 2 month old Pit Bull I named Angel.  She had been in a very bad situation at birth & was not in good health.  Now thanks to a lot of TLC, going to the Vet, and advise from other Pit lovers, she is doing great! 

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  1. hi michelle i just love ur

    hi michelle i just love ur puppy remminds me of my puppy wen i first found him 

  2. Hi! this is my first post &

    Hi! this is my first post & my first time as the mother of 3 pit bull terrier puppies. I have 2 fromthe same litter (Pride & Joy) and another from another litter that belongs to my boyfriend’s mother, but has been with us the past 2 weeks for training / housebreaking. Justice is very energetic & is a little difficult for an elderly person to handle. I was in Pet Smart last week and saw 2 different owners of pit bulls that had their dogs ears clipped. Is this normal? I don’t believe in the mutilation of animals unless it’s neutering or for health reasons. My puppies look fine to me just as they are. Would welcome any info about this.