negative publicity in the news again *sigh*

why is it always in the news that an 80lb american pitbull attacks someone unprovoked splashed in the paper?  then of course no picture of a dog, no follow up and of course I have never seen an 80lb american pitbull.  it is racism and I always wonder what kind of a dog it really is. bet there is no follow up to the article in todays paper about the police officers who went into a mans back yard unannounced for a curfew check.  they must know the man and know he has a dog and they could not pick up the phone and ask if his dog was secure?  the article says as soon as the man heard a noise he ran out and secured his dog. but the dog protected its property and will most likely be put down. it is sad and unnecessary and all the public read was “pittbull attack”.  bet it was a golden retriever.