Puppy Progress

I’m Crystal, my puppies names are Sampson & Delilah.  The puppies will be 13 weeks old on Thursday. I keep thinking they are older. They are doing really well I think for 13 weeks. They both know sit, down, come, stay, heel, walk on the leash pretty well. I can put Delilah in either a sit/stay or down/stay & she’ll stay there for up to 1 min! Sampson is getting better, his longest is around 40 seconds. I have also been working with them on come, & by heel, but tonight in puppy class I tried Swing instead of by heel. They did pretty good. Sampson is in a stage where he is more excited, jumping up, chasing Delilah, & very rough play. Delilah is very rough at play too, just not as much as he is. She is very attentive & looks at me to tell her what to do next. Potty training is getting better. Still the occasional accident if I’m not watching. I give them the run of the kitchen during the day instead of crating them. They weren’t going in their crates, but they do sometimes go on the kitchen floor during work hours, sometimes not. They’ll get it. May go back to the crate to make sure they understand not to potty in the kitchen too. Getting better with my cat, Asia. Some days better than others with pestering her. Delilah likes to destroy toilet paper, I have to remember to shut the door. Today Sampson weighed 18.2 lbs, & Delilah weighed 17.2 lbs. All in all, I think they’re doing great! 🙂