FDA realeses a caution about non-FDA approved Shampoo

The FDA has issued a statement cautioning pet owners about a Non-FDA approved animal drug product. DOUXO SEBORRHEA SHAMPOO (0.1% PHYTOSPHINGOSINE) Distributed by: Sogeval Labratories,Inc. of Coppell Texas.A report was recieved about the death of a woman associated with the use of this product on her dog. The March adverse event report describes a woman with severe pre-existing asthma, who had a sudden severe asthma attack and died while bathing her dog with the shampoo. A few days later, a family member bathed the dog with the same product,and experienced a mild asthma attack, but later recovered.The FDA is advising people with asthma, or oth respritory conditions to consider consulting a doctor prior to using this product. The FDA is investigating this issue and will provide additional information as appropriate. Contact info for the FDA: www.fda.gov “FDA center for veterinary medicine” phone:240-276-9300….fax:240-276-9115