How you all doing :)

I just wanted to ask how everyone is doing. Specifically, how are all your pit bull friends doing? 🙂 It’s been extremely hot here, but hopefully they have time to run out and get some exercise.

I am not quite sure where everyone is geographically, but maybe we can do one of those meet ups and have our dogs run around and meet each other.  Also, it would be a good opportunity to meet other dog owners and educate them about the breed.  We are their only advocates, so whenever there is an opportunity educate and advocate the breed, we should take it!

Best regards,

Rachel and Madison

2 thoughts on “How you all doing :)”

  1. Well, since it is liteally
    Well, since it is liteally the same temp. as the surface of the sun, Lillie is having a ball! This is her favorite time of year, swimming, running around outside, oh, and her new favorite, hanging her head out the truck window, feeling the wind in her cheeks…Which is sooo funny, until the drool flies back in the window at me! 🙂

    • How cute!  I’ve left the

      How cute!  I’ve left the windows open in my car all the time when we first got her, but it never fails that within 30 seconds she’s curled up on the seat passed out and snoring.  Car rides are the only thing that DOESN’T make her excited. 🙂