Friendly Dog Parks

Hey Floridian pit bull owners!

Some of us may be around the same geographical area, and I thought we could post pit-friendly dog parks and day cares.  I’m in North Orlando, and I have to say that Pampered Paws (Day Care) loves my dog Madison.  

We also bring her to the Historic Standford dog park, and although Maddy sometimes gets a bit too abrasive with some dogs, the majority of dog owners are not bothered by her.  In fact, Maddy has gotten into some tiffs with some other dogs (unfortunately), but the other dog’s owner and I just took them for a stroll around the park and after that they were fine.  Some people that seem wary of her when I bring her in are very willing to talk to me about the breed, and of course, just fall in love with her.

So, please feel free to post some dog parks or doggie day cares that you and your pit bull visit.  Maybe some of us live around the same area and do not know of these places.