Submitted by matt on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 10:25

Can anyone recommend a good frisbee? I've tried one, and it was essentially ruined after two throws ;). Our dog just loves to chomp on things he catches.

Anyone had experience with the kong frisbee? Worth it?

Our Roxie loves Kong toys but we have never tried the frisbee since she won't catch it. But I would definitely say try the extreme kong frisbee since it isn't made out of thin plastic. We buy the extreme kong toys and they last alot longer than any other brand by far. But I still wouldn't just let him/her sit and chew on it because I figure it would break apart like the other kongs. But just from catching it I bet it would work great :)

We were thinking about getting the Kong frisbee the next time we go to the beach. It felt a little flimsy in the store but the Kong brand stuff is pretty durable. Would love to hear how well it holds up if you try it!

I will say that our Kong toy lasted the longest, but not long enough for me :) I had to return a "DogZilla" toy I got at walmart that was suppose to be 'equal' to a Kong, but my girls pulled off a piece of the toy within 2 minutes. I have a fabric Frisbee that is AMAZING! My pups love to run and grab it and then chomp chomp chomp. The plastic Frisbees last one afternoon, and the fabric one has lasted weeks! I haven't tried the Kong Frisbee...but I would rather spend 3$ on a fabric one at walmart than 10$+ on a Kong one.

Yeah, I tried the Kong brand frisbee and was really surprised by how flimsy it turned out to be - my dog had it in tiny pieces after two throws. He loves to chew and loves to take things apart, so if you have some amazing pit bull who doesn't like those things you might be okay, but otherwise I'd say don't waste the money.

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