Submitted by MrJenkins on Wed, 11/30/2011 - 09:59

My boy is nearly 2 yrs old n will not fetch a ball to save my life i've tried everything i can think of. He'll haulass to get to the ball but wont pick it up(treat or no treat). he has tremendous energy i need to help burn off. he's burning it runnin after the ball then running back but he just wont pick it up n bring it back. We've tried this game since he was 4months n he's never gotten the ball for me. Now please help me cuz im playin fetch by myself n thats no fun at all.

Dont know how to help you but I have a 9 month old who fetches but looses interest easily. my buddy was playin around with a laser inside the house and my dog max went crazy over it, try it out. he doesnt stop and its great way to have him burn energy. goodluck


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