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    Anyone else get annoyed with all the ranting and raving and arguing that goes on on this site sometimes? I mean sometimes its just a big argument over whose methods or ideas are right and whose are wrong. Other times it’s just negativity and more negativity about this or that, or about how other people dont like pit bulls. I see alot of positive things on this site, and I love being able to post questions about my dog and have other owners answer them. I have also met alot of kind, intelligent, and caring people here. I also have a rewarding and positive relationship with my dog, and my positive experiences with him greatly outweigh any negativity. I like this site, it’s just that alot of times after I leave the site I feel angry, irritated, or annoyed because theres alot of anger and focus on negativity at times. Anyone else ever felt that way?


    The ones that get me are people who come to a site dedicated to responsible Pit Bull ownership and make posts downing us or the breed.  I wouldn’t DREAM of going to a site dedicated to Finches and posting about how I hate birds becuase they make horrible pets!  When I created an account for this site it was because of the respect and love I have for these animals and I wanted to be AWAY from the people who are scared or uneducated.  I get that stuff enough at the dog park.  I wanted to find a place where I could rant about the antics of my 4 legged kid and people would understand rather than judge.  I understand that people have differing opinions on training and it’s good to see different points of view, especially because what works for one dog may spell disaster for another.  I just think that the people who don’t like Pits and are just here to cuase problems are low and petty and should find something that they love to talk about rather than spreading negativity.  Make love, not war.

    i luv my pitbull

    Well said.


    That’s because you’re normal! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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