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Young Male Neutered Pit In need of home

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     We are in Southwest Indiana. A few weeks ago we had a stray pit jump in our minivan to escape the heatwave. He was very friendly. We looked for the owner and never found one. We had to call animal control to pick him up because we own German Shepherds, and have a male. (I don’t trust our male) We have stayed in contact with the shelter hoping someone adopted him. No luck. He was due to be euthinized this week. So today we decided to modify our property and home and are fostering this guy. We estimate him to be under 2 yrs of age. He is a very sweet dog, is very good with our children, and even likes our cat! He’s not high strung, and is well mannered.  If you are interested in him please contact me. He will be ready in 2 weeks. He’s had his shots (rabies in 2 weeks) and is dewormed. He’s also been treated with flea medication. He’s red in color, and is under weight from being homeless for a while, but I’m working on that. He does fine around other pets, and currently sleeping on our couch. He also has a low adoption fee because he has already been neutered. This is a wonderful dog deserving of a forever home. 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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