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Wyoming/Pit Bull Advocacy

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    Hey everybody.  I’m new to this site.  My family and I live in Wyoming with our American Pit Bull Terrier, Kaos.  I love this breed and hate that they have become so misunderstood and feared. Wyoming has the oldest average population in the US and the biggest draw to the state is a slower pace of life for retirement.  We have a growing population of people who own Pits.  However, most of our population are baby boomers who prefer lap dogs (not that I hold that against them AT ALL!)  I just fear that, sense we get so much of the spill over from Colorado that there will be a push towards breed specific legislature due to people being influenced by the negative propaganda coming out of Denver.  I would like to become more active in my community and connect with others who are responsible Pit owners in the area to try to battle all the myths.  Any help with ideas to get started or if you know anybody in my neck of the woods, please, let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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