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    I took Layla on her second walk yesterday and decided to make it longer than normal. There are a couple of circles in my neighborhood and I can loop back around adding more time. During the first loop I started to hear a jingle sound and Layla Mae and I stopped and turned to  see what it was. A male blue pit was charging right at us. I immediately began talking to him not sure if he was friendly or not. He was, and Layla must have known it better than me because she jumped full body on this dogs head!! LOL I heard the owner calling for him and I started walking them both toward him. I knew the owner he has lived in the neighborhood his entire life. He rides his bike and lets Buck run off the leash. On the second loop in the second circle they were coming in the opposite direction toward us and when buck saw her he came charging again. The both wanted to play but Bucks owner kept riding so buck ran off. When we got home I knew Layla was tired and we got on the couch and she started wallowing all over me like she does when I first come home. She started to flee me a bit as normal as well but the fleeing became a little rough so I though okay she wants to chew let me get her Kong plush toy. Well she was going nuts with it on the couch so I paused my show and got off the couch to play with her. She was more rambunctious than normal and soon started running back and forth in the house. She then ran to the dining room, around the table, into the living room around the center fire place, JUMPED OVER THE COUCH, slid on the floor when she landed and I realized, we have to go outside now. We went into the atrium and she ran and ran and ran. She snatched her Wamba, (Kong toy), of my hand and shook the life out of it, tossed it and began the crazy running in circles jumping over plants trying to knock me over super happy energetic play again! After 15 or so minutes of this nonstop fun time she was done. We went back inside and I was happy because this is the first time I have seen her seem so happy and have that degree of fun! We sat on the couch and she looked over at me panting like crazy with a look on her face that said, “And THAT is how its done!!”  

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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