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why does my pup do this all the sudden?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion why does my pup do this all the sudden?

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    i’ve had my pup for over a year now, she’s a year and four months old. i live near a highway so there are many cop stops in front of my house, my dog has been exposed to these a lot because i have a porch that we sit on and watch traffic. well the other day there was an accident and the police came, she was out with me and my mother and she was fine watching the comotion with us, then another cop pulled up and she started shaking and lightly growling, and kinda barking, well i took her in immediatly because i didn’t know how to really calm her down because usually i pat her back n tell her everythings fine and she stops, but she didn’t stop. but this wasn’t the last time, she has a bit of a seperation anxiety, nothing horrible she just whines when i leave for a few minutes and gets over it fairly quickly. well i took her to the store with me, and i went in and my mother stayed with her in the car, and she could see me perfectly and was fine just a little whiney, but the cashier came out and she started doing the same thing. then she saw a squirel and started doing the same thing. does anyone know what causes this?? or what its all about?? like i said she’s never done it before, but now it’s happened three times in a week

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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