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what kind of pup

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    I am a very smart and cute pup if i do say so myself. But my human mom wants to know if i am a full pit or not can you tell by my bio pic or the bio it self. Thank You and Happy New Year Morg Morg

    Tildas daddy

    From the looks id say ur pit or at least mostly pit. And cute as a button 2.

    go ask alice

    I dont think shes a pure bred but definatly close, shes gonna grow up to be one beautiful dog.


    Thank You i know i am cute mom tells me all the time and she loves me. Morg Morg and Mom (Rene)


    She doesn’t appear to be a true APBT, but most aren’t anymore unless you have purchased from REPUTABLE breeder. It is very hard for even true APBT people to tell the real from the “not so real” due to all the mixed breeding going on out there. I would venture to say that most “pit bulls” in society are not purebred pits and are just mutts, which there is NOTHING wrong with that!

    Regardless, she is a cutie. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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