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Watch me command…..

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    i just recently adopted my pit Sonny he’s 1yr old , he does well on walks except for the cat and small dog thing (well not really) he was startled by a chiwawa on our walk the other day btw: the chiwawa was the one who growled and barked a him 1st i just got in the middle and ssshed the rat away until the owner came to get it. Yesterday we tried to socialize him with my Nephews husky, it was a failure he wasn’t aggressive more like a playful rough intro,he was like i’ve never seen a dog before and lots of yelping (like chimpanzee’s) the husky gave him a warning growl lik, yes i want to play with you but not like this, his previous owner said he was social but i can never take anything into account until i saw it for myself.he’s been with me for a week now and i guess he’s still getting used to the place no more whining like the 1st 48hrs. i’ve taken away all visual stimulation in the back yard by putting up a wooden fence on our old gate. He has the basics down come,sit,stay but the watch me command is something i need to work on we tried a 3min session and another 5min session this morning and it worked,he’s into food but not like OMGBBQ!!! he’s very relaxed and well mannered around the house,of course the exploration into all the nooks and cranny continue. i still have to make him understand that i’m lead dog and i’ve set those boundaries straight in the bedroom and backyard with his toys, i give it to him he doesn’t take them. i want to know if i’m doing things right? i walk him for 45mins with light jog and another 30mins in the evening. i think i’ll be getting a bike to engage him more and to just tire him out so he’s more calm, i exercised him for 2hrs yesterday before they met and he still had energy to burn,today he’s dead tired and we only went for a 30min walk. i want to take him to obedience classes but by the way he acted he will only fail, suggestions? i’m thinking of a trainer for him can anyone suggest someone in so.cal or should i keep trying the baby steps method with him. the bad part about all of this is that my entire family was there and after the incident the whole vibe of the place just went south, i had to take Sonny home and go back to the party without him and heard it from all angles but i’m pretty upbeat and so was my nephew, who’s had his husky since he was 1 as well. I know deep down that sonny’s an open book and that i can re-write his future and make it Awesome.

    Daryl Lim

    I think you should hire a trainer. Professionals are no-brainers to solving problems…


    I think you should take him to obedience. The place I went to granted I’m in Ohio on the other side of the country but there was no fail really. Keep in mind that if you go into a situation with the attitude of failing you will fail. I have learned with my two pits that when meeting other dogs or being in a crowd and things don’t let yourself get worked up and over alert to where you are jumpy. It makes the dogs nervous and fearful. Don’t go into the situation feeling that something bad is going to happen. Yes be aware that it could happen but not because you have a pit bull but because the other dog or dogs could be aggressive. My male Ace is afraid of my parents chiuaua Oreo. She is extremely bitchy when it comes to other dogs. If a dog looks at her wrong its teeth bearing and growling. She jumped off the couch one day at Ace because he walked up to sniff her and he jumped from the patio room up two steps to the living room. It was so funny cause the look on his face was like man I didn’t do anything whats your problem. So I would get him into obedience and be patient it will come.


    Yeah, I’m with Amber – if you’re tense or stressed the dog notices, so if you tense up when you see another dog or another person on the street, the dog will learn that other dogs/people are to be feared.

    My dog totally failed out of obedience classes (he wanted to meet the other dogs SO MUCH, he kept barking and wouldn’t listen to me) so now we’re doing private lessons and I’m trying to find him some friends to hang with. I don’t know, socialization is hard . . . I guess you just have to keep trying your dog with different playmates until you can find one who’ll tell your dog to back off when he’s being rude or rough.

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