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Walking on non carpeted floors

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    Hi all I’m new here and I am new to having a Pitt- or at least we think he is a Pitt mixed with Lab, we aren’t sure, he was a rescue and the shelter told us he was a lab, but he has a big head. Anyway, he is the sweetest, scared little love bug ever. And one of the things he is terribly afraid of is to put his feet on our hardwoods or the tile in the kitchen. He hops from carpet to carpet. We keep their food and water in the kitchen though. What I started to do was take him some in the living or dining room where he would sit on the carpet then slowly move it back to the kitchen. But at this rate he’ll starve! I want to teach him that the floor can’t hurt him. I have a Shepherd/Hound mix too and she has never had this problem (she could find food anywhere). I’m hoping that she can show him how to walk on the floor. You can tell he wants to, and he tests it out but he just can’t put all four paws on the floor. He freaks out and runs back to the carpet when he gets close.


    Has anyone else ever experienced this behavior and do you have any advice. Right now he’s only about 50lbs so we can pick him up and put him in front of the food bowls, but we can’t do that forever.


    Thanks for your help!

    Jen, Ruby and Jack Bowser

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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