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toy suggestions?

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    i think my dog has anxiety or maybe im just being paranoid but i have bought my pit zeus A LOT of toys in the past month alone and he destroys them all!!! i have tried a variety of balls, kongs, stuffed animals, bones, and “puzzle games” and the only thing he is interested in is licking the peanut butter out of the kong and he litterally shreds all the other toys even the balls and eats throught he puzzle kind of games even the really hard plastic ones to get to the treats inside and i know hes not hungrey he gets fed twice a day and he is so lazy when im around but if i leave him outside or when i go to work and he cant see me is when he becomes destructive does anyone have any suggestions on something that might help him while im gone or some toys that may keep him more occupied? im not mad at him i just wish he wouldnt mangle all his brand new toys because then it leaves him with nothing else to play with… and i cant get him a buddy because the landlord will only approve of 1 dog per home but he does get socialised i take him to fundraisers charity events to the pet stores and on walks and hes in obedience class i dont know what else to try?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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