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taking in a adult pitbull.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion taking in a adult pitbull.

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    my boyfriends friend needs us to take his adult PitBull hazard in while he gets on his feet. I personally know this dog and I know he’s a good dog and have even called him my protector while I was pregnant. So im okay with the idea, im very nervous about it. I have 3 little girls 2,1 and 1 month old. The older girls are constantly going in and out of this house meaning one goes to her dads every weekend and the other comes here every other. Im very concerned of my 1 year old she’s very rambunctious and doesn’t understand that she can’t yank,pull and jump on dogs. My mom has 3 and her dads mom has a big ok fat lazy golden retrieve that she can do w.e she wants to. I do not want to see this dog be put to sleep because of my nervous due to my daughter. Hazard has been raised around children…a day care actually, he has personally changed my views on the breed. But still in my gut im nervous because I think my daughter is more aggressive with then the dog lol and well I don’t want him to end up being a stereotype so what im asking is for help with tips tricks and to calm my nervousness before we let him in, in 6 days.


    We actually just adopted a two yr Pitty yesterday from Central Bark in Brookfield, WI (suburb of Milwaukee)!!!! I have a five yr old son and an one yr old daughter!!!! This dog is soooooo my type of dog!!!! She’s so laid back!!!! She treats my kids differently, with my son many kisses rapidly everywhere in his face!!!! My daughter very gently licks her hands and gives her a kiss or two on her cheek!!!! She’s been through a lot!!!! She’s from the hood and she was breed at least twice for pups!!!! After she gave birth and nursed them for a bit, she was kicked out and was wandering the streets!!!! No food aggression, nothing just really loving!!!! She’s just great and so gentle!!!! Just make sure ur pick fits ur family!!!! Don’t look at the dog as a Pitty but as a dog!!!! And from there u will be able to make the perfect choice for ur family!!!! To be honest I’m happy I picked older bc no puppy stage in biting chewing up stuff and knowing commends!!!! I love this dog sooooo much!!!! Plus ppl will twice about doing something to u or ur family, even though she’s a lover!!!! Just remember u have to be more caution bc even if u’re dog is lover and not fighter if they get into a fight no matter if ur dog didn’t start it they will be blamed for it!!!! Use websites like Milwaukee’s Bully Club and find one in ur area!!!! Good Luck!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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