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Sore Paws!

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    I live in cold, snowy, wet Pennsylvania and the weather seems to be taking a toll on my little guys paws. I try my best when he is being walked to stay off of the rock salt, and I use dog friendly on our property but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. When I come in from taking him for a walk or for a potty break, I always go and get a damp warm cloth and try to soothe his paws a bit and make him more comfortable. Tonight it did not seem to help, he went out and he did not want to go very far at all. He even stopped in the door way to lick at his paws! 🙁 When he came inside I noticed he was limping a bit and he just kept licking them, even after I tried soothing them with a warm towel. Any suggestions on anything I can do or put on my little guys paws! It breaks my heart to see him in any kind of discomfort!!


    Many dogs can take the cold without any problems, and then there are some who are very sensitive to the cold and wet mixture.  That sounds like where your pup falls.  His feet are senstitive, and that is normal.  My dog could stand in the snow and ice for hours on end and take the cold and pain, where as our neighbor’s dog barely sets foot in the snow and begins crying and lifting his feet one by one off the ground as he walks.  Some days are worse than others.

    It sounds like you are doing the right things.  Make sure all the salt is off his paws and out from between his digits to avoid chemical burns.  Even the “pet safe” salts still have dangerous chemicals in them, but just not as bad as regular de-icing salt.

    You are on the right track with wiping his paws with a warm rag afterwards.  Don’t make it too warm, as that could cause more pain with the warming up from being so cold.  Licking his paws afterwards is normal.  He is trying to remove the pain and warm them up.  My dog does it too.  It is nothing to worry about.  I understand what you mean by it breaking your heart.  It is hard to see, but many of us are battling it.  I have 7-8 inches of snow on top of about 3-4 inches of ice in my yard, so playing outside isn’t an option with the ice, but boy does my girl try! 

    When I take my girl out for a walk, I put boots on her.  I have the MuttLuks ($45-$65), but there are other all-weather boots out there on the market for less.  I also put toddler socks on her feet with the boots on for extra warmth.  When she goes out to potty, I don’t put them on, but you could do that.  There are slip-on boots at PetsMart that are much easier to put on and take off for quick bouts outside that may work for you.  It takes some dogs a while to get used to anything on their feet, and will high-step throughout the house.  Just make it a positive experience by feeding treats while you put them on and while he is getting used to them.  I can now just ask Kayla if she wants to go outside, and she runs to her room, sits down near the closet where I have her boots, and starts lifting her paws for me to put her boots on. 

    I also put on socks when we come back in from outside, and that might be an idea to try too.  I bought cheap baby and toddler socks at the dollar store and leave a few near the door so I can slip them on after I have wiped her feet.  They don’t stay on real well, but I think it helps.  There are actually dog socks out on the market that fit better. 

    Rest assured that you are doing everything right and that you aren’t the only one with a dog who has foot troubles this time of year! 




    i luv my pitbull

    Herman has similar issues, and your right, it does hurt 2 watch my special lil’ guy hurt. I got a special glove that is used 4 wiping a dog’s paws after being out in the snow & ice. It’s from target. The brand name is “bamboo”. Herman loves it. The thing with lifting his paws 1 by 1 out of the snow was so painfull 4 me 2 watch, I actually picked him up & carried him inside when he was done with his potty.(all 70lbs of him) I’m still looking 4 boots 4 him though.


    Thank you both VERY much! I am going to try your suggestions!!

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