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    G’day! I’m Rye from South Australia and have a 3month old named Steven. He’s my first pitbull. I only found this site the other day and can’t believe my luck! You guys have been a wealth of information. Looks like I stumbled onto a whole bunch of responsible dog owners. Thanks 🙂 I have a trivial problem with Steve. He loves to lay by our feet and watch tv at night but he snores like a drunken trooper! I’ve never had a dog that snores like this. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same issue? I was a bit worried that it could be a sinus problem but the vet just shrugged it off. Is it typical of the breed? Will it get worse as he gets older? We can live with the snoring but a magic cure would be nice and any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.


    My 10month old female does the same thing and at first is scared me too but she hasn’t had any problems but hers has gotten louder lol I’ve had to turn the tv up sometimes or nudge her to be quiet when I’m trying to sleep.

    raisins mom

    Lots of pitbulls snore I wouldn’t worry. Raisin actualy does this high pitch squeal at night sometimes and when I have checked on him he is out cold. Kinda just learn to sleep through it. I chuckle at times when Raisin snoring, Jerry our shepherd is snoring and my boyfriend. I’m waiting for noise complaints from the neighbors. hahah


    My Pit is a year now and when she was little she snored more and louder than she does now, and she has started snoring less lately. When she does snore I move her head sometimes to be straight with her back, it sometimes stops her snoring completely and other times it quiets it down. A way to think about it is how do you think his air way would be the most open.


    Thanks for the feedback gang 🙂 I guess dogs are like people. Some snore more than others. Was just a little worried because it was so deep and loud but he’s fine.


    Lillie snores louder than most grown men i know, and she dreams. She always has since she was a puppy, and is now 20 months, and still does.. she also “talks” in her sleep, i’ve had her to the vet and he says there isn’t nething wrong with her. I also googled dog dreaming and snoring and wikipedia pulled some artices up that were pretty cool, u know, trying to figure out what dogs dream about and all that.


    Im in love with my pitbull and has been ever since I carried him in my arms for the first time. He came at a time when I broke up with my significant other….. and I stand by the factor that he is the best trade I could have ever asked for. 


    My pitbull is 10 years old she snores all the time but that’s nothing to worry about its normal… and when i pet peaches she snores because she likes what im doing… sometimes she snores out of the blue! its fine dont worry…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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