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Skin and Ear problems!!! Need some advice

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    I have a 3 year-old pit, Denali. She is my baby, and acts just like a human. Sleeps under the covers in the bed just like a human and everything. Best dog ever! Although, she has a major scratching andon  licking problem. Im not exactly sure what it is. She has done it since she was a puppy. She mainly does the licking around her vaginal area and inside of her back legs. She is always cleaning her paws. She also has red bumps on her belly, maybe from fleas. I do see a couple fleas here and there. Also, she is constantly scratching her ears. They are very dry and has sores all over them. They do have an odor. So I thought maybe its ear mites. Ive treated her several times for ear mites and it never helped. I have tried to use VeTSCRIPTION Benadene Hot Spot skin remedy for dogs and also Pro Pet Hydrocortisone Spray for itch releif, but neither worked. She seems to have an allergic reaction as her ears gets really red and has a red patch on the top of her head. This also happens after I bath her in any kind of shampoo. I tried using different types of medicated shampoos and have had no results. I am going to try Oatmeal bath 2marrow to see if that helps. But other than oatmeal baths, can anyone help me. I do not have the money to go see a vet at this moment, and my baby really needs some relief! Please help 🙁


    Well I came on here to ask for some help as well but I’ll see if I can try to help you a little. Tux is about two and I was having the same problem with him. It turns out with the ears, he had a yeast infection, which is common. I got drops from the vet so, I’m not sure what to do there. As for the constant licking. I havent figured that out yet. I changed his diet when he started scratching an started to use a brand without corn, soy, or wheat. I am currently using 4health but I’m probably going to switch to Racheal Ray’s Just6. As for the bathing. Don’t use human shampoo. It stripes natural oils from a dogs hair and can cause irritation. Their hair is different then ours. And since the weather has changed Tux has all types of allergy issues and everyday is something new I have to figure out, so. Good Luck


    Our one year old, Lucian, always has ear mites! We cannot get rid of them. I have tried drops and using a Q-tip to swab Listerine in them. Nothing. He also has Demodex and now his skin around his tail is cracking! any help would be nice.

    You could try some lavender oil for the fleas? It helps and the licking you should be able to help with with some bitter no chew spray. You can get it at CoOps and Wal-Mart. Not sure what the bumps could be, maybe flea allergy but it could be an allergy to something in the home as well. Maybe the laundry detergent? You could use a hypoallergenic one and see if that helps at all. Not sure what else to tell you other than what you’ve already tried. Oh…lemon scented dish soap will help with fleas but you might wanna do an oatmeal bath right on top of it to help with drying out the skin. And when you do get a chance to go to a vet, see if it might be Demodex and if it’s a mild case you can get Promeris which is a monthly flea/tick treatment that will control it as well. My vet found this out and we tried it on Lu but his case is too bad. He’s going to have to get dipped. Gah at the horror and expense of it but I’m tired of seeing him bald, sun burned, skin dried out, and getting funky foot infections from also liking ponds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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