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Sick Dog – Wont Eat

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    Before anyone jumps on me we have been to the vet several times, they have given anti biotics, xrays, blood, stool etc… so we do have vet care. 

    I have a 5yr old Pit who is typically HIGH food motivation, ball / toy motivation – that had a loss in appetite, diahera, throwing up wouldnt eat or drink – went to the vet they did an xray (no blockage) stool sample, blood test, urine test, prescribed antibiotics, a sub something (inserted water under her skin) stuff for intestines and prescribed a bland diet- we thought she ate a dead bird taht the cats brought in. No other signs of her gettng into something. 

    She started recovering the next day, eating the chicken and rice, eating canned food, and drinking water – this upswing lasted for about 3-4days then she stpped eating again but is still drinking water – diarhea is prominet but no vomiting.  She is not responding to food, expect sporadically by hand and you would think I was trying to hurt her by feeding her (body language wise)  She is eating enough grass to turn her stool green – and is now not able to control her bowels, leakage just laying down.    Anyone who has been through this before or can help would be appreciated –

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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