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Shes just not that into it

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    Hey Everyone,

    I just got my girl Layla from the Humane society on Saturday. Before I got her I read this site among others and found a lot of useful info here. I got her Kong toys of varying types before I brought her home as was suggested here. I tried to play ball with her but she let it roll passed her, looked at it, then me with a, “really?” look on her face and walked away. I got squeak toys, Kong bone with rope, Kong octopus plush, real cow bone. She has played with none of them. She found a stick outside and started to play with it but decided not so much and went and laid down. She will go after Lizards and pounce and play under the bushes but other than that she sleeps… a lot. I like that she is very calm and docile but I would like to play with her or see her having some fun. She is 3 years old I would think, especially given what I have read here about pits, that she would be much more energetic. The most energy she has is when she meets new people and then she jumps and circles and runs. This lasts for 15 or so minutes and she is done. Any ideas? Should I buy her a toy that moves?


    You are right, pits are typically a high energy breed, but they are also very versitile.  My sister has a very mellow pit too.  Mine is not.  Dogs have personalities just like we do.  The first thing I would do is to take her to the vet and make sure she has a clean bill of health.  Sometimes chronic pain or disorders that can be tested for can cause lethargy.  However, as high energy as Kaos is, he isn’t too much in to any of the Kong ball type toys either, until you put peanut butter inside!  Then it’s a great toy.  These types of toys are designed to be more mentally stimulating than high energy.  Kaos’ favorite toys are stuffed animals.  They’re like tootsie pops, how many licks to get to the center.  If she’s content just lounging, that’s fine.  Most of the time toys are to burn off energy or to discourage distructive chewing.  She’ll find things she likes to do.  If she prefers to play with other dogs, find puppy pals for her.  If she would just rather chill with you, make sure you give her excercise for weight control, but other than that, just enjoy the fact that you don’t have to find creative ways to burn energy (the dog’s energy, not yours.)  Don’t worry too much though, she’s adapting to a new environment and a new family.  You will learn about her and she will become more confident and playfull with you as she settles in.  I bet you anything that by the end of the week she will start showing signs of being more interested in play.


    Its funny, I posted this then went home yesterday from work and took her on her walk which she always loves, got back and sat in my atrium. She loves it in there because it is 1500 sqft fully screened with a garden which she loves to pounce trying to scare up something to chase. She was being very goofy before we went in the house and when we did go in she grabbed a she of paper in her mouth and put her head on my lap with this silly look on her face so I thought, lets try some toys she seems to be in a playful mood. She actually played with her octopus, chewed it, threw it, pounced on it. It only lasted for 5 minutes but I was happy to see it. She then discovered the big real bone that I got her and fell in love. The bone is very heavy and looks like one I have seen on various shows like pit boss or its me or the dog that larger dogs were chewing on. I heeded the warning of splintering bones and tried to find something for that.

    Kendseycollins she was fostered for a while and her foster family told the Humane Society that she was a couch potato so I was prepared for and liked that, however seeing it it did concern me. I will take her to the vet as you suggested to make sure there isn’t another reason that she would be so sleepy all the time. I will also get toys that will stimulate her mind more. I have plenty of peanut butter at home because I love it myself. I saw some at petsmart and was wondering if my regular peanut butter is fine to use or if I should use what they have because it is better for her digestive system. I appreciate everyone’s experience and advice here since I am new to the breed. =))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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